New Knits are Here! Art Gallery, Riley Blake, and more!

Posted by Samantha on 2016 Oct 26th

October has been an exciting month here at Bloor Valley Beads and Fabric. Earlier this month we received our first Art Gallery Knits and our first Riley Blake knit.

Art Gallery Knits

The Art Gallery knits are so soft. And the colours/designs are completely my style. They make me wish I had plenty of free time to sew. The Chalk and Paint line is my favourite. I sew wish I was a larger store and could offer a bigger selection of fabrics. I'd bring in the full line of knits and cottons. To be perfectly honest, I can't pick just one favourite. I need to pick three:

Paparounes Crimson from Katarina Rocella's Skopelos collection. {above}

Sprayed Blooms Subtle from Caroline Hulse's Chalk and Paint Collection. {above}

To view all of the available Art Gallery Knits, please visit the Art Gallery Fabrics section.

Riley Blake Knits

I'm still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Riley Blake's All About Crayola Knits that have been on preorder for months now (as are some of you). So far only one RB knit has arrived, the Star Denim Navy from Zoe Pearns Lucky Star collection. This is a great faux denim option. Initially I thought there was something wrong with the fabric...silly me. I was expecting 50% 4way stretch. This is 4way stretch, but 40% across the grain and 20% vertical.

Lucky Star Knit in Denim navy by Zoe Pearns for Riley Blake,

Michael Miller Knits

HHHMMMM? Michael Miller has knits you say? Yes, yes they do and I have two (count them, one..two..) choices arriving tomorrow. I haven't actually seen or touched any Michael Miller knits yet, so I just brought two in on a trial basis. These are cotton lycra andn from Sarah Jane's Magic! collection. I absolutley love this collection, but I had already ordered my fabric quota for this month before I found out about it <insert sad face here>. The two options I have below are listed below.

Magic! Navy baby dragons  

Navy Baby Dragons in knit from Sarah Jane's Magic! collection. Click here for Navy Baby Dragons info.

Magic! Coral lucky stars by Sarah Jane

Coral Lucky Stars in knit from Sarah Jane's Magic! collection. Click here for coral lucky stars info.