About Us


    Bloor Valley Beads and Fabric is a new online source for sewists and jewellery crafters (jewellery crafting supplies will be added at a later date). Just over a decade ago, I, Samantha, the BV Beads & Fabric proprietor, had my first experience running an online store. The time wasn't right so I closed down shop with the intention of opening a new store when I was ready. The time is now right and I am ready!

    Why beads and fabric you ask? They are my two most favourite crafting mediums. I saw two just because I pretty much love all crafts and value all handmade goods. While I am quite familiar with the world of jewellery crafting and beads, fabric is much more unfamiliar to me. So I will gradually increase my inventory based on what my customers want. Originally, my focus was quilting cottons and precuts but knits are in demand! SO my focus has shifted from quilting cottons to knits. My focus will continue to shift with what my customers want, so let me know what you're interested in and I will do my best sell what you want.